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Green card consular processing is the procedure by which foreign nationals can apply for a U.S. Green card through employment or family-based immigration. The process can be complex, but with consular processing and with an immigration attorney, there are several benefits you can enjoy.


You should check your USCIS case status and processing times after filling out the forms, paying the required fees, and getting your USCIS receipt number. The waiting can be stressful, especially because of changing policies, government interruptions, and backlogs. To be at ease, it is better to accurately check your USCIS status and processing times


You may already be living the American dream using your H-1b visa, but you have found another employer offering you an irresistible offer. You may be qualified to change jobs through an H-1b transfer but may be wondering what to do if it is denied. You can take options in this case or if your H-1b transfer is denied.