You should check your USCIS case status and processing times after filling out the forms, paying the required fees, and getting your USCIS receipt number. The waiting can be stressful, especially because of changing policies, government interruptions, and backlogs. To be at ease, it is better to accurately check your USCIS status and processing times.

Checking Your USCIS Case Status Online

You can check your USCIS case status in many ways. Checking it online is the easiest way to go about it. It is a very simple process that requires little time. To get started, all you need is your I-797. After getting your I-797, you can use the following steps to check your status.

Step 1: Go to the USCIS Case Status Online Tool.

Step 2: You should input your USCIS receipt number. It is a 13-digit number you must enter without hyphens.

Step 3: Select “Check Status”

The following screen should display your case status if you entered all the required details correctly. The status will be specific to your immigration and case status.

Understanding the USCIS Receipt Number

Understanding the USCIS receipt number is helpful, as each number and letter is a unique identifier. For instance, let’s use a receipt number example to help understand the different components.

The corresponding USCIS service center or field office is identified by the first three letters of the number MSC-20-13-12345. The codes are displayed in the following ways:

  • EAC or VSC
  • IOE
  • LIN or NSC
  • MSC
  • NBC
  • SRC or TSC
  • WAC or CSC
  • YSC

The case will go through the Missouri Service Center for the receipt number used as an example. Your distance from a service center isn’t determined by where your case will eventually end up. Rather, the decision-making is based on the type of case and the service center that processes your corresponding forms. For example, if you are applying for an E-2 visa and reside in Vermont, your case will be forwarded through the California Service Center.

Continuing with the receipt number used as an example, the two digits that follow the three letters show the fiscal year in which your case was opened. Because of this, the fiscal year is from .

October 1 to September 30 of the next year.

The next three digits represent the fiscal year’s computer workday on which USCIS opened your case. Our receipt number indicates that the case was opened on the 13th computer workday of the fiscal year. The unique case number is the last five digits. Our particular case number in this illustration is 12345.

Using Your Phone to Check Your Case Status

You can check your USCIS status on your phone. You will need your receipt number for this. You have to call 1-800-375-5283 to verify your status over the phone. The operator will ask you to select a language option—Spanish or English. Stay on the line if you want to continue with English, and press 2 to choose Spanish.

The automated system will notify you of a high call volume, suggesting you visit the USCIS website instead. The resources on the website can sometimes help resolve your issue. As soon as the script is finished, the system will inform you that it can comprehend complete sentences and prompt you to provide further details about your requirements.

For instance, the prompt will ask you for your receipt number if you say “check status.” You can either enter your receipt number using your keypad or say it out loud. Before telling you your case status, the system will repeat the receipt number you just inputted for you to confirm.

If you have any further questions, you should consult with an immigration lawyer. This is because they are more likely to help you get the information you need quicker and more accurately.

Setting Up Automatic Updates to Track USCIS Case Status

You can set up automatic updates for your case status if you do not already have them. This eliminates the need to check to stay current. This service is relatively new, and immigrants find it very useful.

Various third-party sites are charging a fee to establish automatic updates. Only sign up for them if USCIS does not charge you to check your case status.

It would be best if you remain up-to-date with the status of your application. This way, you can clarify if USCIS needs it from you. You can move forward with your US immigration process more quickly if you are aware of any changes to your status as soon as possible.

Accurately checking the USCIS processing times.

You should visit the USCIS Process Times page if you want to know the time it would take for some cases to be processed.

It is possible to check the processing times before even submitting your information. From the drop-down menu, you can select the form that applies to your case to get an idea of how long you might have to wait for your case.

2023 USCIS Processing Times

The average processing time for obtaining your USCIS case status is 3 to 20 months. However, the workload of each processing center differs. As a result, it operates independently of other centers or those that are nearby.

Additionally, the processing time will depend on your application and the form you submit. However, processing changes frequently, and you can check the wait time often.


Your USCIS case status may be affected by government delays, changing regulations, and backlogs. Having no idea how to proceed can make this stressful. It is preferable to accurately verify your USCIS status and processing times to feel at ease.